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Domestic Assault

Fighting Domestic Assault Charges

Consequences for domestic assault go beyond jail time and fines. The effects can extend into your personal life. A domestic assault charge may prevent you from having contact with the alleged victim. It can also prohibit you from returning to the residence in which the incident took place. You may be unable to see your children. When facing this situation, it is crucial to have experienced lawyers at your side.

The attorneys at Der Barristers have over 55 years of collective criminal defence experience. We have defended thousands of clients against serious criminal charges at all levels of court. We leverage this experience and knowledge to fight for the best possible results in your case.

Using Our Experience To Clients\’ Advantage

A charge of domestic assault or criminal harassment can end up in a criminal record. This can seriously impede your ability to travel to the United States and overseas. It can also impact future employment, as many employers now conduct a criminal background check before hiring.

Our lawyers are former Crown prosecutors, as well as criminal defence attorneys with decades of experience in court. With this background and insight, we understand what kind of case the prosecution is likely to present against you. We analyze the facts of your case, review the disclosure and build a case aimed at achieving more lenient penalties and avoiding a criminal record.

Minimizing The Consequences

When seeking a solution for our clients, the Der Barristers team is dedicated, tenacious and creative. We work tirelessly to represent their interests. Our lawyers are always searching for solutions aimed at helping you avoid the lifelong consequences of a criminal charge.

We rely on our extensive knowledge of criminal law to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Crown\’s case. We then prepare a targeted strategy that may include alternatives, such as a peace bond deal or diversion program, if appropriate. We also have a good working relationship with the prosecution. This enables us to more effectively negotiate a more favourable outcome.

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