Bail Hearings And Appeals

If police do not release an individual following an arrest, a bail hearing needs to take place, usually within 24 hours. At these times, seeking skilled legal counsel who can act quickly and effectively is critical. Failing to obtain bail could mean immediate and significant impact — to your family, your job and also on the trajectory of your criminal case.

The criminal law attorneys at Der Barristers have decades of experience and a proven track record helping clients protect their liberty during bail hearings and appeals. If your freedom is on the line, contact us immediately for help.

Effectively Negotiating A Release

Our lawyers know what is needed to make it successfully through bail court — even in complex cases. With experience both as Crown Prosecutors and criminal defence lawyers, we can quickly assess the facts and assemble a compelling case aimed at securing your release.

With a range of bail options available, we aim for a result to maximize your freedom while your case works its way through the justice system. We will prepare you, and individuals providing surety, to speak effectively before the judge. Beyond simply gaining your release, we will also negotiate strategically to ensure that the conditions are reasonable.

Our lawyers are also experienced in appeals where bail has been denied. Your circumstances may have changed since the initial bail hearing, or the judge may have made an error in judgment. Whatever the challenge, we are ready to fight for your rights with assertiveness and skill.

Contact Our Lawyers Without Delay

Obtaining skilled legal counsel for bail hearings is as important as it is urgent. Our lawyers are nimble, experienced and ready to step in and represent you. Call our office in Calgary, Alberta, at 403-234-8824 or reach us by email to talk with our lawyers.


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