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Criminal Harassment And Stalking Charges — Navigating The Complexities

Fighting criminal harassment or stalking charges can be complex and challenging. Where does ordinary contact end and harassment begin? Do defences exist?

At Der Barristers, our criminal law attorneys have helped numerous clients face such charges in Calgary, Alberta, and beyond. We have years of experience and skill and a proven track record — and we can leverage them to help you make a solid defence.

Experience As Former Prosecutors

One of the biggest advantages we offer is our experience on both sides of the criminal justice system. As former Crown attorneys, we know how the prosecution thinks. We know how they build their cases. Now, after transitioning into criminal defence, our lawyers can use this inside knowledge to your advantage.

Analyzing The Strength Of The Case

Our goal is to assemble a comprehensive case and pursue an optimal outcome for every client. While investigating the facts, we can help you navigate complex questions, such as:

  • Did your conduct match the definition of harassment or stalking?
  • Is there evidence that you knew the complainant did not welcome your conduct?
  • Were the victim\’s fears reasonable in the circumstances?
  • Should you accept a peace bond deal?

If there are weaknesses in the prosecution\’s case, we know how to identify them. We will analyze your case from all angles and help you raise the most effective defences at your disposal.

Part of our success is also in our commitment to working collaboratively with each of our clients. When we begin working on your case, we will guide you on how to:

  • Keep notes and preserve evidence to support your case
  • Avoid risky situations and incriminating conduct
  • Present yourself effectively in court

Consult About Your Case

No matter how complex your case, we will act as your strongest advocate. Contact us at 403-910-1452 or send us an email to arrange a meeting with our lawyers.


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