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Legal Guidance On Peace Bonds Deals

If you are facing a domestic assault charge, the Crown prosecutor may offer to drop the charges if you accept a peace bond. At first glance, the deal may seem attractive, but the apparent benefits may come with strict conditions. Failure to comply can bring serious consequences. The decision whether to accept is not always as easy as it may appear.

At Der Barristers, our attorneys have a rare kind of deep experience and insight. It comes from having served both as Crown prosecutors and criminal defence lawyers. When you turn to us, we can analyze your case from both perspectives to protect your rights and best interests.

Peace Bond Deals – Managing The Risks And Benefits

A peace bond is a court order that imposes a period of good behaviour on the accused. It often involves an order to stay away from the complainant. It may be used in a variety of contexts, including sexual assault cases, harassment, stalking or domestic violence.

If you enter into a peace bond, you are not admitting guilt. You will also avoid a criminal record. However, the prosecution\’s deal may — or may not — be your best option. Before accepting, it\’s critical to have the deal carefully scrutinized.

Legal Advice To Carefully Assess Your Options

If you have been offered a peace bond, our lawyers know what to look for. We can:

  • Identify conditions that could increase your risk of missteps and breaches
  • Help you understand the possible impacts of accepting, such as on future employment opportunities
  • Examine the strength of the prosecution\’s case against you
  • Assess all other available options for your defence

Our goal is to provide high-quality representation to protect you rights and your future. Entrust us with your case and let us use in-depth analysis and strategy to seek the best possible outcome.

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