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Drug Charges

Strategic Defence Against Specialized Drug Crime Prosecutors

Unlike most other criminal offences, drug crimes are prosecuted not by provincial, but federal, Crown attorneys. These prosecutors focus solely on drug cases and have specialized knowledge, training and tools. Conviction can come with mandatory jail sentences.

At Der Barristers, we are undeterred. Our lawyers have an uncommon advantage in criminal law— experience in both prosecution and defence. We leverage this dual background to help clients fight drug-related charges in Calgary, Alberta, and across the country.

Every Drug Crime Case Is Unique

Drug charges in Canada vary — both in their nature and penalties. Predicting the outcome of a case can be challenging. Each one is fact-specific. Gaining a successful result requires close attention to fine details and meticulous case preparation.

Our lawyers are skilled in addressing the key issues. These often centre on whether the accused had knowledge, care and control of the banned substance. It may also include challenging the validity of search warrants used by police. We also work with a network of professionals, such as toxicologists, in order to gain expert evidence to support your case.

Navigating Within A Range Of Drug Offences

Our criminal defence attorneys have an extensive history in criminal defence. Over the years, our work has gained us a strong track record and reputation in national media. We have worked on cases involving all kinds of drugs, including: cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

If you are entangled in a drug crime, we can help you with such offences as:

Our goal is to work with tenacity to reduce or even eliminate the charges against you.

Talk To Our Lawyer About Your Case

Having a solid defence plan starts with an initial consultation with a criminal defence lawyer. To arrange an appointment, call us at 403-234-8824 or fill in our online form to reach us by email.

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