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Drug Possession

Charges Involving Basic Drug Possession

If you were caught with drugs on your person, you may feel that a conviction is unavoidable. This is not true. Defences exist — and our job at Der Barristers is to find them for you.

Our lawyers have been fighting drug charges for years in Calgary, Alberta and beyond. We\’ve served both as prosecutors and defence attorneys. We know what it takes to gain a conviction and also how to fend one off. For drug possession charges, our goal is to gain a complete acquittal wherever possible.

Knowledge, Care And Control

The success of a drug possession trial may depend on a few key points. All of these questions must be examined carefully:

  • Was the substance actually an illegal drug?
  • Did you know that you had the substance on your body?
  • Even so, were you aware that it was an illicit drug?
  • What measure of control did you have over the drug?

Some of our clients were caught in compromising circumstances through no fault of their own. They may have been wearing someone else\’s clothing or watching over their baggage. The substance may have been planted. Drugs may have been found in a car rather than on the individual\’s person. Analyzing these fine details can make the difference between a conviction or an acquittal.

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