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Challenging The Validity Of Search Warrants

While investigating criminal activity, the police may use a variety of special techniques. Not all of them are carried out legally. If these resulted in the laying of your drug charge, the police may have violated your constitutional rights.

When fighting drug charges, calling out such infringements can serve as a key defence. At Der Barristers, our lawyers practise solely in criminal law in Calgary, Alberta, and beyond. We can evaluate your Charter rights and enforce your right to fair treatment.

Holding The Authorities Accountable To Justice

Some of the methods police use in drug investigations include search warrants, wire taps, sting operations or other undercover techniques. Whatever the tactic, it must be legal.

We know where to find errors, particularly in the use of search warrants. Some of these should not have been granted in the first place. If such applies to your case, we will find it out. We can investigate such factors as:

  • Whether the police used accurate information to gain approval for the warrant
  • Whether the police had reasonable grounds to conduct the search
  • What the scope of the warrant included and whether police actions surpassed these

If an abuse of power occurred, we will present the facts and work concertedly to have the evidence harvested from the search excluded in your trial.

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