We understand that seeking legal advice after being charged with a criminal offence can cause overwhelming emotional stress and the unplanned expense may place a strain on your finances. We are committed to establishing a trusting and transparent working relationship with you from the time you first enter our office and throughout the entire case.

Fixed Fees

Our services are quoted as a fixed fee, not an hourly rate. Our clients see the benefits of the fixed fee as it provides them with the certainly of knowing the costs up front. This clarity helps lessen the stress already associated with this traumatic situation. Our payment plan and payment options further assist them in managing the cost of this unexpected event. In rare occasions, some files require the fee being a blend of fixed fee and our hourly rates.

The Initial Consultation

In our comprehensive consultation with you, for which a fee is charged, we will take the time to gain an understanding of your case, your concerns and objectives. We will explain the law, possible defences and strategies, the next steps, and the costs involved. The consultation fee applies towards your fees should we be hired.

Legal Aid

The senior lawyers at Der Barristers do not generally accept Legal Aid cases, but be assured they assess each legal aid request thoroughly, so don\’t hesitate to inquire. If the senior lawyers don\’t accept the case, then the junior members of the firm will. The benefit to those clients is the advice and mentorship provided by the senior lawyers to the juniors. Der Barristers takes pride in not turning away clients in legal need.

Payment Plans

As our clients come from all walks of life and have diverse financial means, we are more than willing to discuss payment plans that meet your needs and still offer you the best/benefits of our legal services.

Payment is accepted in cash, e-transfer, debit, MasterCard or VISA.

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