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Impaired Driving

Defence In The Entire Range Of Impaired Driving Charges

While \”impaired driving\” is sometimes used to describe the entirety of drinking and driving charges, it is actually a separate offence in itself. Impaired driving relates to how a person is physically and does not depend on how high a person\’s blood alcohol level is. In order to prove impaired driving, there must be evidence demonstrating that the driver\’s ability to operate the vehicle was impaired to some degree.

Like all drinking and driving offences a conviction means a fine or possible jail time, a criminal record, increase in insurance rates and loss of your driver\’s license. All of these punishments are serious and can very negatively impact your life.

Defending Impaired Driving Charges

Our senior attorneys have fought hundreds of criminal law cases throughout Calgary, Alberta, and beyond. As former Crown prosecutors, we can draw on comprehensive, objective insights that few criminal defence lawyers have. Backed by this rare knowledge and skill, we can help you face the charges with a solid, thoroughly prepared defence strategy in place. 

From minor cases to the complex, our lawyers can help you fight impaired driving and other related charges, including: 

In cases where death or injury result, the punishment is dramatically increased – usually resulting in jail and lengthy loss of licence.

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