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Fighting Charges Of Driving Over 80

Although they sound similar, driving with a blood-alcohol level over .08% is not the same as an impaired driving charge. An individual may have an illegal blood alcohol content while not displaying signs of impairment. Others may exhibit impairment despite not exceeding the legal limit.  Prosecution of a charge of Driving Over .08% is technical and anything but straightforward. Defences do exist.

Whatever your case, the criminal law attorneys at Der Barristers have the depth and breadth of skill to defend you against the charges and protect your right to fair treatment.  

Pleading Guilty Is Often A Last Resort

Many individuals who blow over feel they have little choice but to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter penalty. This is not the only option — and doing so can easily lead to significant and negative consequences, including: 

  • Loss of licence
  • A criminal record
  • Complications and restrictions on international travel and immigration
  • Difficulty obtaining or retaining employment, especially in safety- or driving-related professions
  • Encumbering requirements, such as rehabilitation programs or mandatory use of ignition interlock devices
  • Fines and jail time
  • Increased insurance rates

Even if you registered over .08%, with skilled legal representation, the consequences can often be managed, minimized or even avoided.

The Experience Of Former Crown Attorneys On Your Side

Our lawyers have the rare advantage of knowing how to fight on both sides of a criminal law case. Before turning to defence, we were worked as prosecutors. 

In Driving Over 80mg charges, defences often lie buried in the smallest details of the evidence. We know how to identify these and then use in an effort to gain an acquittal. 

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