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Impaired Driving

Refusing A Roadside Test

Defence Against Refusal Of Roadside Tests

Many drivers are unclear about exactly what powers the police have — what\’s lawful and what is actually an abuse of authority. If you were pulled over and subsequently charged with refusing to perform a roadside test, this knowledge is critical in making good defence.

At Der Barristers, our criminal defence lawyers have helped clients throughout Calgary, Alberta, face a variety of impaired driving charges. If defences exist in your case, we will find them and use them to fight vigorously for you.

Did The Police Violate Your Rights?

The law authorizes police officers to stop a vehicle at any time for a variety of reasons. They may check a vehicle\’s mechanical fitness, insurance and licensing. They may ask if you have consumed alcohol.

At some point, they may ask you to perform physical coordination tests or take a roadside alcohol screening — but only on certain conditions. If you do not submit, you may be charged for refusal. Yet, the police may have violated your constitutional rights.

In-Depth Case Analysis

Our role is to analyze your case, determine if the police acted illegally, and defend you against the charge. We know what\’s at stake. We can evaluate your needs and goals and chart a course to protect your rights and interests.

With experience as former Crown prosecutors and a strong track record behind us, we will work with determination to provide you with the best possible outcome.

We can also defend you if you refused to submit to a breathalyzer test at the police station.

Discuss Your Case. Book A Consultation.

During an initial consultation, we can review your case, answer your questions and provide you with options on how to proceed. To book a meeting, call us at 403-910-1452 or email us using our online form.

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