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CBC news – \”I’ll never forgive myself\” Remorseful Scott Ferguson convicted of Manslaughter

After a 6-day trail, jurors find Scott Ferguson guilty of Manslaughter, after stabbing his girlfriend multiple times during an argument that turned physical.

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Duane Redelback Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter One Decade Later

Common-law husband of Ruth Degayo had reported her missing on January 8th, 2006 after an altercation in their Airdrie home. After more than a decade, he plead guilty to manslaughter which has landed him 15 years behind bars.

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Douglas Garland Attacked While Behind Bars

4 inmates have been charged with aggravated assault after high-profile inmate Douglas Garland was attacked from behind suffering soft-tissue injuries. Balfour Der weighs in on the social media comments and how he believes the law should always be applied, even to those within the Remand Centre.

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Stamps vs. Flames – A debate on which team best represents Calgary

Balfour Der, along with a panel of Manjit Minhas and Andrew Phung chat with Calgary Eyeopener host David Grey about the spirit of Calgary within our professional sporting teams.

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Lengthy court delays – Balfour Der gives his verdict on the long booking waits in the Calgary justice system.

Lack of court time, judges and staff can be attributed for the long wait times for booking trials. The perception of the courts are suffering as well as the families awaiting closure because of these delays. Balfour Der gives his comments.

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Openness, accountability and transparency – Lisa Burgis Der on cameras being allowed in the courtroom.

For the first time ever mass media outlets will be allowed in the courtroom for the verdict on murder charges against Travis Vader. Lisa gives her expert opinion on being Canadian and what that means in the justice system on Global.

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Inmate safety questioned at Calgary Remand Centre – Balfour Der weighs in

A brutal attack on an inmate leads to a trip to the foothills ICU. Balfour Der gives him comments on safety within the facilities.

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The purpose of the Victim Impact Statement – Balfour Der on the sexual assault case involving two brothers

\”The purpose, and I repeat, the purpose of this victim impact statement is to allow the judge to know how this has impacted the victim. The judge in this case knows it because it’s been marked as an exhibit…the important thing is not that you all in the public get to hear what the victim has to say, that’s not what the Criminal Code section is for,\”

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Balfour Der defending Assmar Shlah – seeks bail before sentencing

Balfour Der proposes interim release for his client until he is actually sentenced in the murder of Lukas Strasser-Hird. Due to an unreasonable verdict, if there is any success on the appeal he should be released. Attached is the Calgary Sun article.

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Michael Jonathan Deering defended by Balfour Der in Aggravated Assault case

In July of 2011 an altercation outside a Calgary nightclub turned serious. What started out as verbal quickly turned physical when two young men engaged in a drunken quarrel outside The Roadhouse. One left with 70% hearing damage, the other with an 18 – 24 month jail sentence. The Calgary Herald article below.

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Lisa Burgis – defending domestic violence her speciality – her perspective is unique and so is how she represents her clients

Watch her interview on an episode of The Criminal Mind, a Pyramid Production presentation. Cut and paste the link below in youtube.ca

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Ghomeshi Trial – surprise emails

Balfour Der weighs in with Bruce Kenyon on News Talk 770

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Balfour Der – defends Mitchel Harkess of murder October 2015

Balfour Der defends Mitchel Harkess. Home invasion 2nd degree murder & attempted murder. The progression of his jury trial – October 2015

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Der Burgis associate, Jillian Williamson – success on sentence appeal Aggravated Assault Sentence of 90 days upheld

Alberta has become known for imposing lengthy periods of imprisonment for serious assaults. The federal government has impacted these types of sentences by removing discretion from our judges and by passing amendments to the Criminal Code, which remove other sentencing options such as Conditional Sentence Orders, sometimes thought of house arrest.

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Balfour Der – Army Major acquitted – Canadian Court Martial

Major Darryl Watts, a member of the Canadian Forces Reserve and a senior firefighter in Calgary, received news this week that a 5 year legal battle was over. In 2010, then Capt Watts, was deployed to Afghanistan where his troops were training in the Afghan desert by conducting weapons practice. During the course of firing the C19 defensive weapons (formerly known as the Claymore Mine) one misfired sending its payload of 700 ball bearings backward killing one soldier and injuring others.

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Calgary Sun Article – Featuring Balfour Der – hospital worker acquitted at trial for charges of sexually assaulting young patient

Balfour Der successfully defends a hospital worker against patient sexual offences. The trial judge found that the evidence (of the accused and the expert) raised a reasonable doubt. It mattered not that the patient was also credible. The law in Canada is very clear: if the evidence of the accused raises a reasonable doubt, then an acquittal must entered.

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Calgary Global video – Featuring an appearance by Balfour Der Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer.

Guilty Pleas – dui causing death & bodily harm – refusal to provide breath sample.

Calgary Sun – Featuring an appearance by Balfour Der Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Mother of deceased forgives drunk driver – sentence 3 years dangerous driving causing death & bodily harm and refusal

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