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Murder And Manslaughter

Strategic Representation For Murder And Manslaughter Charges

Murder and manslaughter are among the most serious of criminal charges, with some of the harshest penalties in the country. Successfully facing judge and jury cases requires highly skilled representation and meticulous preparation. With all that\’s at stake in a homicide case, your choice of lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make in life.

Former Crown Prosecutors. National Reputation.

At Der Barristers, our senior lawyer, Balfour Der is known nation-wide for his work in criminal law and has, alone, handled in excess of 100 homicide cases at all levels of court in Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Der is often sought by television, news and other media for his insights into criminal law. He has fought high-stakes, high-profile cases and appeals throughout Canada, including:

For years, he worked as a Crown prosecutor before transitioning his knowledge, skills and experience into criminal defence. This dual experience is one of the foundations backing our track record of success and our ability to maintain the objectivity necessary to navigate murder cases strategically.

We also collaborate with a network of professionals, such as psychologists and forensics experts to present a comprehensive, evidence-backed defence.

Humanizing The Issues In Serious Criminal Cases

Homicide cases are lengthy and involved. The eventual outcome has the power to significantly and permanently impact your life, liberty and future. In charges as serious as first-degree murder, second degree murder or manslaughter, trust and collaboration are vital.

We thoroughly understand all that you have on the line. You have arrived at this critical point in your life. You need representation by a professional who can systematically sort through the factual, legal and human factors from all angles. If we take on your case, we become your most trusted and passionate advocate. We will draw on every ounce of our intelligence, skill, and tenacity in fighting to gain you justice.

Where possible, we can also help you make a bail application while we work on defending your case.

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To book a meeting with the Der Barristers team, call our office in Calgary, Alberta. You can read us at 403-234-8824 or email us for an appointment.

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