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Attempted Murder

Defending Attempted Murder Charges

Facing a charge for attempted murder is serious. Even if no death resulted, a conviction can carry the same penalties as for an actual murder. If you are being accused of intending to kill someone, Der Barristers can fight your case.

Our senior lawyer, Balfour Der, is a seasoned criminal law attorney with a reputation of national scope. No matter how complex your case, he has the skill, experience, insight and analytical prowess to fight charges involving attempted murder or conspiracy.

Deep Analysis By Former Crown Prosecutors

Clients in Calgary, Alberta, and throughout Canada often seek our representation because of our prior experience acting for the prosecution. In cases as serious as attempted murder, this rare perspective can prove invaluable.

We have firsthand knowledge of how the prosecution shoulders its onus — to prove that the accused was of clear mind and had the intention not only to wound, but to kill. This behind-the-scenes experience equips us to anticipate, prepare for and counter the prosecution\’s attempts to gain a conviction.

Meticulous Case Preparation

Whether for actual homicide or for attempted murder, successfully fighting the charge starts with detailed, in-depth research and analysis. Our quality of work at the outset sets the strategic direction of the entire case.

We will also thoroughly educate and prepare you to testify in court before judge and jury. We will train you to face high-pressure cross-examination by the prosecution. We will help you avoid incriminating yourself and how to avoid curve balls designed to weaken your credibility.

Discuss Your Case With Our Lawyers

For charges as serious as attempted murder, your choice of legal counsel is critical. During an initial consultation, we can evaluate your case and begin charting a course of action. Contact us to arrange a time. Call 403-910-1452 or request an appointment by email.

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