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Every story has two sides, our team defends yours. You could be facing a lifelong criminal record, jail or other heavy penalties. You’re under stress. You have a lot at stake. We understand. In such a difficult spot, nothing is more important than having experience on your side. Welcome to Der Barristers, we are a team of criminal defence attorneys you can rely on.

Our Experience

At Der Barristers, we have the unique experience of knowing criminal law from both sides – defence and prosecution. As former Crown prosecutors, our lawyers have years of experience in criminal defence, trials and appeals, at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Senior lawyer Balfour Der, K.C., alone, has represented over 4,000 clients and in his ten years as a prosecutor, handled hundreds of cases as a senior trial and appeals counsel. This extensive experience and proven track record equip us to fight any type of criminal charge, not only in Calgary, Alberta, but anywhere in Canada.

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Years of Combined Criminal Law Experience

Our Expertise

Years of experience allow us to use a tenacious, creative and strategic approach to fighting criminal charges

Before transitioning to defence attorneys, we spent years on the other side of the courtroom as Crown Prosecutors. Being able to look at a case from both sides gives our clients a distinct advantage.

Backed by this dual experience, we know how to face every type of criminal and regulatory offence. From the most minor to the most serious and high profile of charges, we have the experience to handle the case. Whatever the offence, we recognize it is a serious matter for our clients, so we approach each case with one goal: providing the most effective defence possible.

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Bail Hearings And Appeals

If police do not release an individual following an arrest, a bail hearing needs to take place, usually within 24 hours.

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Assault Charges Of All Kinds

Being convicted of assault in Canada is serious. If found guilty, you face a criminal record and possible incarceration. A successful defence often lies within the fine details of a case. 

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Fighting Domestic Assault Charges

Consequences for domestic assault go beyond jail time and fines. The effects can extend into your personal life.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault cases can be extraordinarily complex. Cases can turn not only factual details, but particularly on the credibility of the complainant and the accused.

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Strategic Representation For Murder And Manslaughter Charges

Murder and manslaughter are among the most serious of criminal charges, with some of the harshest penalties in the country.

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Firearms And Weapons Charges

The Canadian Criminal Code contains many offences related to the possession and use of weapons. A guilty conviction results in numerous impacts.

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Defence In The Entire Range Of Impaired Driving Charges

While “impaired driving” is sometimes used to describe the entirety of drinking and driving charges, it is actually a separate offence in itself.

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Strategic Defence Against Specialized Drug Crime Prosecutors

Unlike most other criminal offences, drug crimes are prosecuted not by provincial, but federal, Crown attorneys. 

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Theft, Fraud And Property Crimes — Representation Across The Spectrum

Crimes related to property run from the most minor to large-scale, international operations. The victims can be private citizens or businesses.

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