Welcome to the Expertise page of Der Barristers, Calgary’s distinguished criminal defence law firm with over 80 years of dedicated service. As leaders in both general and intricate criminal law cases, our expertise spans from trial to the highest appellate levels, including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our firm’s renown stems from our pivotal role in some of Canada’s landmark cases, underpinning our reputation for exceptional legal service across a diverse array of cases.

Intricate knowledge of criminal procedures and strategies with exceptional legal acumen and persuasive advocacy.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, including adults and youth offenders, corporations, law enforcement personnel, and professionals facing various criminal allegations. Our proficiency extends to complex criminal matters such as murder, sexual assault, drug trafficking, fraud, and cross-border crimes.

At Der Barristers, we are committed to offering top-tier legal representation, combining our vast knowledge with a strategic, client-focused approach. Our experience and dedication make us your ideal legal partners, no matter the complexity of your case.

At Der Barristers, we understand the immense value of your freedom. Being charged with a crime can put this freedom at risk, potentially leading to detention. It’s your right to appear before a Justice of the Peace within 24 hours, or as soon as possible thereafter. The bail process, with its myriad rules and complexities, demands the expertise of a skilled lawyer to effectively navigate and advocate on your behalf.

If bail is denied, you could face jail time until your trial, which may be several months or even a year away. Such detention can have profound impacts on your life, disrupting your family and career. It’s crucial to engage lawyers who are not only available to immediately work on your case but also have the experience to meticulously prepare and present a compelling bail release plan.

Detention is only justified under certain conditions:

  • To ensure your presence in court.
  • To protect public safety.
  • To uphold confidence in the justice system.

Our legal team will rigorously analyze the police allegations and devise a tailored release plan. This plan could include a combination of options such as cash bail, a surety (a responsible individual within your province, often a homeowner, who agrees to supervise and ensure your adherence to court-ordered conditions, under financial penalty), electronic monitoring, curfews, and reporting requirements. These measures are designed to convincingly address the aforementioned grounds for detention.

At Der Barristers, we’re committed to protecting your rights and securing your freedom with strategic, thorough, and effective legal representation in bail matters.

At Der Barristers, our expertise in appeals spans across all tiers of the Canadian court system, including the Court of King’s Bench, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. If you are facing a conviction and sentencing post-trial, our team is here to diligently review every aspect of the judge’s decision and analysis.

Our meticulous approach involves a thorough examination for any potential errors in law or factual interpretation. Discovering such errors is crucial, as they can form the basis of a compelling appeal. Should our review reveal grounds for an appeal, we will provide you with a detailed outline of the procedures and steps involved.

Choosing Der Barristers for your appeal means entrusting your case to a team that is well-versed in the complexities of appellate law. We are committed to guiding you through the appeal process, whether it involves challenging your conviction, the sentence, or both. Our goal is to ensure that justice is served, leveraging our extensive experience and deep understanding of the legal system to advocate effectively for your rights.

At Der Barristers, our legal prowess extends across the spectrum of assault-related offences, ensuring robust representation for our clients. We specialize in:

  • Aggravated Assault and Assault Causing Bodily Harm: This category encompasses cases where the assault results in serious physical injury or where a weapon is used. Our approach involves a detailed examination of the circumstances, focusing on the intent and the extent of harm caused. We are skilled at navigating the intricacies of these serious charges, offering expert legal defence and advice.
  • Domestic Assault: Often occurring within personal relationships, domestic assault cases require a sensitive yet assertive legal approach. Our team is adept at handling these emotionally charged cases, ensuring that the rights and reputations of our clients are protected, while also considering the complex relational dynamics at play.
  • Sexual Assault: Involving any form of non-consensual sexual contact or behavior, sexual assault cases are highly sensitive and carry significant legal and social implications. Our firm offers discreet, respectful, and rigorous defence strategies, recognizing the delicate nature of these allegations.
  • Crimes of Violence Generally: In addition to specific assault categories, we at Der Barristers possess extensive experience in a broad range of violent crime cases. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, offences such as battery, robbery, and other acts of physical aggression. In these situations, our team focuses on a comprehensive defence strategy, scrutinizing evidence, witness statements, and the prosecution’s arguments to identify any inconsistencies or legal shortcomings.

We offer a comprehensive suite of legal services, underscored by a deep expertise in legal strategy. Our lawyers are not only well-versed in the nuances of assault and violent crime law, but they also craft bespoke strategies that are tailored to the unique specifics of each case, ensuring the best possible defence for our clients. This strategic acumen is backed by our commitment to thorough investigation and analysis. We conduct in-depth investigations to uncover all pertinent facts, collaborating with forensic experts when necessary. Our meticulous approach to evidence and detail is often pivotal in the cases we handle.

Central to our ethos is client-centered representation. We at Der Barristers place the utmost priority on our clients’ needs and perspectives. We understand the profound impact that assault charges can have on an individual’s life, and we work tirelessly to mitigate these effects. Our team is also equipped with exceptional negotiation and litigation skills. Whether it’s negotiating for a favorable plea or litigating in court, we possess the necessary skills to effectively represent our clients, and we are prepared to go to trial if it serves their best interests.

Discretion and sensitivity are especially crucial in cases of domestic and sexual assault. We handle all matters with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity, always respecting the privacy and dignity of our clients. This approach ensures that we provide not only legal representation but also the support and understanding that our clients need during such challenging times.

Our robust, informed, and compassionate legal response to those facing assault and violent crime charges ensures that their rights are vigorously defended every step of the way.

At Der Barristers, our expertise in the realm of driving-related offences is both comprehensive and nuanced. We adeptly defend clients against a wide array of driving offences, including, but not limited to:

  • Violations of the Traffic Safety Act (Alberta): These are offences that breach the rules and regulations set out in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, covering a range of driving behaviors from vehicle equipment standards to road safety practices.
  • Careless Driving: This refers to operating a vehicle without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway, as outlined in Canadian traffic laws.
  • Criminal Negligence Resulting in Death or Bodily Harm: This is a criminal charge involving a driver’s grossly negligent conduct that directly causes someone’s death or serious injury.
  • Dangerous Driving: This offence occurs when a person drives a vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public, considering the circumstances, including the nature, condition, and use of the place where the driving occurs.
  • Disqualified Driving: This refers to operating a motor vehicle when a person has been legally prohibited from driving, such as due to a suspension or disqualification from driving privileges.
  • Failing to Remain at the Scene of an Accident: This is the legal violation of not stopping, providing information, and offering assistance when involved in a vehicle accident, as required by law.
  • Fleeing from Police: This offence involves a driver willfully failing to stop their vehicle when pursued or signaled to do so by a police officer.
  • Hit and Run Incidents: These are incidents where a driver is involved in a collision with another vehicle, property, or person and then leaves the scene without identifying themselves or assisting anyone who may need help.
  • Impaired Driving (IRS Fail & SafeRoads Reviews): This refers to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, where IRS Fail denotes failing an Immediate Roadside Sanction test, and SafeRoads Reviews are administrative processes reviewing such sanctions.
  • Speeding: This is the act of driving a vehicle over the posted speed limit or at a speed that is not reasonable and prudent given the current road, traffic, and weather conditions.
  • Driving While Suspended: This offence occurs when an individual operates a vehicle while their driving license is under suspension, thereby violating the terms of the suspension.

We are acutely aware of the severe penalties that accompany driving offences – penalties that can range from substantial fines and incarceration to the loss of a driving license and escalated insurance rates. The repercussions of a conviction extend beyond legal penalties; they can profoundly impact your career, personal life, and future job opportunities.

Driving offences can be complex, often straddling the jurisdictions of provincial laws, like the Traffic Safety Act, and federal laws under the Criminal Code. It’s not uncommon for the police to press charges under both sets of laws. In such instances, obtaining expert legal advice becomes crucial, even more so before deciding to self-represent or plead guilty.

Defending against driving charges demands a comprehensive understanding of the law, the specific technicalities of the charge, and the overall legal process. Our team at Der Barristers brings this understanding to every case, combining legal acumen with a strategic approach tailored to the nuances of each individual’s situation. Our goal is to provide a defence that not only addresses the immediate charges but also safeguards our clients’ future.

At Der Barristers, we offer specialized legal defence for a wide range of drug-related offences. Our experience spans across various substances, including marijuana/cannabis, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, oxycontin, fentanyl, and other recreational drugs. Our expertise covers all facets of drug offences:

  • Importation/Exportation of Controlled Substances: This refers to the act of bringing drugs or substances, whose possession and distribution are regulated by law, into or out of Canada.
  • Production of Illegal Drugs: This involves the manufacturing or cultivation of substances that are prohibited under Canadian law, such as the production of methamphetamine in a lab or the cultivation of cannabis plants.
  • Simple Possession: This term denotes having a controlled substance for personal use without the intent to distribute it, as defined under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in Canada.
  • Possession with the Intent to Distribute: This refers to having control over a controlled substance with the plan or purpose of distributing it to others.
  • Drug Trafficking: In Canadian law, drug trafficking includes selling, administering, giving, transferring, transporting, sending, or delivering a controlled substance, or offering to do any of these acts.

We are well aware of the grave consequences that accompany drug crime convictions. These can range from lengthy prison sentences to immigration repercussions, such as deportation or bans on international travel. The gravity of these potential outcomes requires a defence strategy that is both meticulous and aggressive.

Our approach at Der Barristers is tailored to the specific nuances of each drug case. We scrutinize every detail, from the circumstances of arrest to the handling of evidence. Our goal is to ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the legal process and to work towards the best possible outcome given the specifics of your case.

We understand the complexities involved in drug charges, including the ever-evolving drug laws and regulations. Our team stays abreast of the latest legal developments to provide informed and effective defence strategies for our clients. Whether you’re facing charges for possession, trafficking, or production, Der Barristers has the expertise and experience to offer robust legal representation.

Human trafficking, a grave violation under Canadian law, involves the illegal trade of humans for the purposes of forced labor, sexual exploitation, or slavery. At Der Barristers, we specialize in providing formidable legal defence for individuals charged with human trafficking, acknowledging the complexity and sensitivity of such allegations.

Human trafficking is characterized by the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, or abuse of power. This crime is recognized for its violation of human rights and is treated with utmost severity in the legal system. It encompasses a range of activities including sexual exploitation, forced labor, and other forms of abuse and enslavement.

At Der Barristers, our legal team is equipped with in-depth knowledge about the laws related to human trafficking, encompassing both Canadian law and international standards. We continuously update ourselves on crucial legal developments and precedents, which is vital for handling these complex cases. Given the intricate nature of human trafficking charges, we conduct comprehensive case assessments, thoroughly examining the prosecution’s evidence, identifying any procedural irregularities, and understanding the context of each allegation.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each human trafficking case, we develop customized defence strategies. These strategies take into account various factors, including the nature of the alleged activities, the role of the accused, and any potential violations of rights or due process. Our team is adept in both negotiation and litigation, prepared to represent our clients with rigor and tenacity in court, and engage in negotiations where appropriate to secure favorable outcomes.

At Der Barristers, we recognize the critical nature of human trafficking charges and the profound impact they can have on an individual’s life. Our goal is to navigate these challenging legal proceedings with you, leveraging our expertise to strive for the best possible outcome. Our team is committed to providing a defence that is as compassionate as it is compelling, ensuring your story is heard and your rights are defended.

At Der Barristers, we specialize in providing expert legal representation for individuals charged with the serious offence of kidnapping under Canadian law. This crime, involving the unlawful confinement and abduction of an individual against their will, demands a nuanced understanding of the legal system due to its complexity and the severe implications it carries.

Kidnapping charges can encompass a variety of scenarios, ranging from family abductions to criminal acts for ransom. Each case typically involves forcibly taking, confining, or transporting a person to another location without their consent. Recognizing the gravity of these allegations, our approach at Der Barristers is to provide a skilled legal response, backed by detailed investigations and strategic defence planning.

Our legal team at Der Barristers boasts deep expertise in the intricacies of kidnapping charges. We are thoroughly versed in the relevant statutes and case law within Canadian criminal law, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each case. Our approach includes conducting thorough case analyses, where we meticulously examine the evidence, delve into the context of the alleged kidnapping, and identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments.

We understand that each kidnapping case is unique, necessitating tailored defence strategies. Our defence plans are crafted to consider every aspect of the case, from the alleged motives to the methods of confinement and abduction. In addition to our prowess in legal analysis and strategy formulation, we are also proficient in both negotiation and courtroom litigation, capable of handling every phase of the legal process effectively.

Protecting our clients’ rights is a top priority. We ensure fair treatment, uphold the presumption of innocence, and advocate for the most favorable outcomes based on the specifics of each case. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond the courtroom. We maintain clear and consistent communication with our clients, providing support and guidance throughout their legal journey.

At Der Barristers, we are dedicated to navigating the complex legal waters of kidnapping charges with you, offering robust legal defence and compassionate client support. Our goal is to achieve the best possible legal outcome, understanding the significant impact such charges can have on your life and reputation.

Der Barristers boasts a wealth of experience in defending clients against a diverse array of property-related offences. Our legal expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of such offences, ensuring comprehensive legal representation for our clients. This includes:

  • Arson: Illegally setting fire to property.
  • Break and Enter: Unlawful entry into homes or commercial establishments.
  • Credit Card Fraud: Deceptive misuse or unauthorized use of credit cards.
  • Mischief: Willful destruction or damage to property.
  • Extortion: Coercing someone to hand over property, money, or services.
  • Fraud: Deception or trickery for financial or personal gain.
  • Identity Theft and Fraud: Illegally acquiring and using someone else’s personal information.
  • Possession of Stolen Goods: Having property that is known to be stolen.
  • Robbery: Theft involving force or the threat of force.
  • Shoplifting: The act of stealing goods from a retail establishment.
  • Theft: The act of taking someone’s property without their consent.

Our expertise also extends to a range of White-Collar Crimes, which include complex financial and corporate crimes such as embezzlement, insider trading, money laundering, dealing in counterfeit money, bribery, and cybercrime.

Understanding the serious implications of property-related offences, Der Barristers provides a strategic and thorough defence approach. We delve into the specifics of each case, examining evidence, scrutinizing the prosecution’s arguments, and identifying any procedural errors or legal defences. Our objective is to ensure that your rights are upheld and to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Whether your case involves straightforward theft or complex white-collar crime, our team at Der Barristers is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and dedication to offer outstanding legal defence. We are committed to guiding our clients through the complexities of the legal system with professionalism and skill.

At Der Barristers, we recognize that facing charges of murder or manslaughter represents one of the gravest legal challenges in Canada. Our firm is equipped with a team of expert lawyers who specialize in defending against these serious accusations. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, having represented a diverse clientele including husbands, wives, parents, teenagers, individuals with mental illness, and those struggling with addiction.

Understanding the unique nature of each case, our approach is always bespoke. We meticulously evaluate all the evidence and thoroughly consider the legal framework before setting a defence strategy. Our team works in concert with our clients, whether the path leads to trial or a negotiated outcome. We are committed to working tirelessly alongside you throughout your case.

The complexity and severity of murder and manslaughter charges demand an extensive investment of time and resources. This is where our team approach becomes invaluable. A collective of lawyers provides a significant advantage over a single practitioner, bringing a breadth of expertise and the capacity to dedicate the necessary time to your case. Our team’s collaborative effort ensures that every angle is explored and every strategy is meticulously crafted.

Choosing Der Barristers means opting for a legal team that not only has the time and expertise but also the dedication to offer the best defence possible. We stand ready to navigate these challenging waters with you, offering our expertise, commitment, and tireless advocacy every step of the way.

Navigating the legal complexities of sexual offence charges demands a law firm with deep experience and a nuanced understanding of the law. Der Barristers stands at the forefront of legal defence in such cases, backed by an excellent reputation for handling a wide array of sex-related offences. We recognize the severe implications these charges carry, including the associated stigma and the potential for long-term imprisonment, and we are committed to providing a robust defence.

Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of sexual offences, including but not limited to:

  • Child Pornography: Involving the creation, distribution, accessing, or possession of explicit materials involving minors.
  • Human Trafficking: Related to the illegal trade of people for sexual exploitation or forced labor.
  • Internet Luring: Utilizing the internet to communicate with a minor for the purpose of committing a sexual offence.
  • Pornography: Issues involving illegal or non-consensual adult pornography.
  • Sexual Assault: Ranging from cases of bodily harm and aggravated sexual assault to those involving the use of a weapon.
  • Sexual Exploitation: Involving the abuse of a position of trust or authority for sexual purposes.
  • Sexual Interference: Engaging in sexual activity or contact with a minor.
  • Invitation to Sexual Touching: Encouraging a minor to engage in sexual activity.
  • Solicitation: Engaging in communication for the purpose of obtaining sexual services.
  • Voyeurism: Non-consensual recording or observation of individuals in private settings.

At Der Barristers, we approach each case with sensitivity and discretion, fully aware of the delicate nature of these allegations. We meticulously analyze evidence, scrutinize prosecution tactics, and explore all possible legal avenues to build a strong defence. Our team is dedicated to protecting your rights and reputation, employing strategic and thorough legal advocacy to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

At Der Barristers, our commitment to justice extends beyond defending those charged with offences. We also provide crucial support and guidance to individuals who find themselves as victims or witnesses of a crime. Navigating the criminal legal system can be daunting, especially when it feels complex or even adversarial. Our role is to help you understand this system and effectively engage with it.

We offer specialized advice and assistance in several key areas:

  • Understanding Crime: We provide clear explanations about what constitutes a crime and what does not, helping you discern the legal aspects of your situation.
  • Engaging with Law Enforcement: Our team guides you through the process of going to the police, offering advice on how to provide a statement and request that charges be laid.
  • Judicial Process Application: In cases where the police decide not to lay charges, we assist you in applying to a court for a judge to issue process for the crime.
  • Testimony Preparation: We offer comprehensive preparation services for victims, witnesses, and sureties, ensuring you are fully prepared for your role in the legal process.
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Inquiries: If you need information for your case, we can help you navigate the complexities of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Police Complaints: For those who need to lodge a complaint against police officers, we provide guidance and support through the formal complaint process.

At Der Barristers, we understand the challenges faced by victims and witnesses in the legal system. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to confidently navigate these challenges. Whether it’s understanding your rights, preparing for court, or making formal inquiries, we are here to assist every step of the way.

Der Barristers possesses extensive experience in defending against a wide array of gun and weapons charges. Our expertise in this specialized area of law is comprehensive, covering various offences, including:

  • Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm: Handling or owning a firearm without the necessary legal permissions.
  • Handgun Offences: Specific violations related to the possession and use of handguns.
  • Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited or Restricted Weapon: Holding weapons that are either completely forbidden or subject to stringent regulations.
  • Careless Storage, Use, or Handling of a Firearm: Negligent practices that compromise safety regarding firearms.
  • Pointing a Firearm: Directing a firearm at someone, whether loaded or unloaded.
  • Failure to Report a Lost or Found Firearm: Not notifying the authorities about finding or losing a firearm.

Facing gun charges can have far-reaching implications, disrupting not only your life but also significantly impacting your family. The consequences of these charges can be severe, ranging from substantial jail time to restrictions on travel, including prohibition from entering the United States.

At Der Barristers, we understand the gravity of weapons-related charges and the stress they can impose. Our approach is to provide a robust defence, tailored to the specifics of your case. We meticulously analyze every aspect of the charge, from the circumstances of the arrest to the evidence presented. Our goal is to safeguard your rights and work towards achieving the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Whether your case involves a simple misunderstanding or more complex legal issues, our team at Der Barristers is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and dedication necessary to offer comprehensive legal representation in weapons-related offences.

At Der Barristers, we recognize the unique legal challenges faced by young offenders, who are defined as individuals under the age of 18 involved in criminal proceedings. The legal approach for young offenders is distinct from adult criminal law, emphasizing rehabilitation and reintegration into society over punitive measures. Our firm specializes in this sensitive area, providing specialized legal representation tailored to the needs of young offenders.

Youthful offenders are subject to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, a legislation distinct from the adult criminal justice system. This act focuses on accountability through meaningful consequences and rehabilitation, acknowledging the developmental stages of young individuals. Our lawyers are well-versed in this act and the unique procedures it entails, ensuring that the legal rights of young offenders are fully protected.

At Der Barristers, our expertise in youth law is foundational to the tailored services we offer. Our lawyers possess extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations governing young offenders, ensuring that we stay abreast of the latest legal precedents and practices in youth criminal law. This expertise allows us to provide the most effective representation possible. We recognize that each case involving a young offender is distinct, and we craft personalized legal strategies that take into account the individual’s background, circumstances, and the specific details of their case.

A key focus in our defence strategy is the rehabilitation of young offenders, acknowledging the importance of their future prospects. We strive to emphasize opportunities for positive change and rehabilitation, moving beyond the mere legal consequences of their actions. Our approach to each case is marked by compassion and understanding. Our lawyers are adept at communicating with young individuals and their families, offering essential guidance and support throughout the legal process.

One of our primary goals in defending young offenders is to protect their future opportunities, especially regarding their education and employment prospects. We understand that legal proceedings can have a significant impact on a young person’s life trajectory, and we work diligently to minimize this impact. Additionally, we engage in collaborative efforts with the families of young offenders. We recognize the critical role families play in the rehabilitative process and provide not only legal representation but also guidance and support for families navigating the complexities of the legal system. This comprehensive approach ensures that we cater to the needs of young offenders holistically, fostering an environment conducive to their growth and positive development.

At Der Barristers, we are committed to providing young offenders with the legal representation they need to navigate the criminal justice system effectively. We believe in the potential for change and growth and are dedicated to helping young individuals move forward with their lives in a positive direction.

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