old-Conditional Discharge for Teen in assault & weapon case – Lisa Burgis Der

Conditional Discharge for Teen in assault & weapon case – Lisa Burgis Der

On behalf of DER BARRISTERS on Thursday, June 15, 2017.

A 17 year old teen, who after drinking magic mushroom tea and began acting strange, walked in his sock feet from a house party to a local Safeway in Lethbridge. Inside the grocery store he assaulted a woman and then went behind the deli counter and grabbed a 10″ butcher knife. He then walked out into the street into a residential area.


He was shot 3 times when he disobeyed police commands to drop the knife. The young man almost died from a bullet logged in his neck. He also sustained injures to his right hand and thigh and his left femur was fractured. The young man lead an exceptionally well behaved life up to that point. He was extremely remorseful for his actions and the harm and hurt he caused the community. He held no animosity towards the police for having shot him. Lisa Burgis Der successfully persuaded Judge DeBow to discharge the young man with conditions. This was a better result than receiving probation, which the Crown argued for. The discharge with conditions closes the young man\’s youth record from the authorities after 3 years from the date he entered his guilty plea and seals his youth record from ever surfacing as an adult. Mrs. Burgis Der found this file to be very rewarding in being able to help a young man thorough an extremely difficult time in his young life.

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